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  The International Preschool AB

A Preschool Without Borders!

The International Preschool has four preschools in the Gothenburg area. They are located in Majorna, Guldheden, Älvsborg and Biskopsgården. 

We work actively on incorporating our ideology into daily life by providing the children with the necessary tools to become more open-minded, accepting and understanding global citizens. 

The International Preschool focuses on learning through play and exploration. 

We are looking for open-minded, positive people who love children and are willing to actively work with our Ideology, a play-orientated curriculum and the values of Lpfö98 re2010. Our mission is to provide the children with the best possible start in life by creating an accepting and encouraging atmosphere where they have the opportunity to develop a strong sense of self within an ever-changing society.

The primary languages spoken at The International Preschool are English and Swedish, however we embrace a multitude of different languages due to our multicultural staff and families. In turn, this lends itself to our ideology of acceptance, diversity and harmony. The International Preschools are play-orientated preschools, as we believe that play is an essential stepping stone to future learning, since it develops social skills, imagination, curiosity and creativity. 

We follow the Swedish curriculum for preschools (Lpfö98 re2010), along with the educational programmes "Letterland", which teaches phonics and "Second Step", which is centered around the children's social and emotional development. 

If you are interested in working at The International Preschool, we can offer you a happy, multicultural and inspiring learning environment. 







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